I ship by Canada post, generally within a week of order receipt. Calgary orders are sometimes delivered by me, by hand. Almost all product is sewn to order, stock levels reflect materials on hand, not finished product. In 2020, I have sometimes taken up to 11 days to ship orders because of increased demand.


I will accept returns on product that has not been used and is returned to me. Shipping is non-refundable, and is generally more than the flat-rate shipping that I charge. Custom colours, and pink Cordura products are non-refundable.


I stand behind what I sell. If there are defects in your product, I will replace or repair them at my discretion. “Just riding along” is a common phrase heard in the bike industry; I can tell the difference between it and, “I crashed hard.”

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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Showing all 8 results