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Assiniboine 2015 part 2: Smokin’

Our second day of hiking dawned a little hazy.  We assumed it was some sort of weird fog until it occurred to us that it was responsible for the campfire smell that we had noticed during the night.

2015-08-24 14-50-46 0923 2015-08-24 15-40-59 0926

2015-08-24 16-24-41 0933

Even with our view obscured by campfire smoke, the trail was stunning.  Since the longer view was hidden, we payed more attention to details that we might otherwise have missed.  The area around Mt. Assiniboine has a tremendous variety of ground cover and Fiona delighted in pointing out mushrooms and naming them.  I am not a mycologist, so some of these may be repeats, but there was still a huge variety.

2015-08-24 12-16-35 0916 2015-08-26 14-42-58 1082 2015-08-24 16-27-47 09372015-08-26 14-47-52 10882015-08-26 14-43-51 1084 2015-08-26 14-44-05 1085  2015-08-26 14-47-57 1090 2015-08-26 14-48-30 10922015-08-26 14-48-14 1091 2015-08-26 14-51-13 1096 2015-08-26 14-48-39 1093  2015-08-26 14-51-50 1097

Our second day’s hike was much shorter than the first and so even though we dallied in getting started, we arrived at the Og lake campground in reasonable time for dinner.  The lake itself was not huge, but was in a gorgeous valley surrounded by mountains.  It would have been nice to see them, but we still really enjoyed the surroundings.  Most happily for Tadhg it was the day that we ate the supper from his pack, so he would be treated to a lighter load on the third day.

2015-08-25 08-07-02 0943
Fiona has declared that she only sleeps under tarps now. It’s a water filter, not an IV bag.

2015-08-24 21-12-17 0941

Our third day of hiking was a short 7km to Lake Magog campground.  Though we were close to Mount Assiniboine, we could not tell it was there.  The smoke was thick enough that visibility was under 200m. We were disappointed, but we tried to make the best of it.

2015-08-25 17-56-52 1014
Fiona likes swimming in glacial mountain lakes, a pastime not at all affected by smoke.

2015-08-25 17-41-14 09902015-08-25 17-55-36 1007

2015-08-26 08-53-56 1025
Bringing mom her backcountry cappuccino

2015-08-25 20-05-15 1022 2015-08-26 09-51-27 1038 2015-08-26 11-54-38 1041

Since we figured the smoke probably wouldn’t last forever, we decided to stay an extra night and spend three nights rather than two at Lake Magog.  We figured that this would give us the time to wait for the smoke to clear.  Tadhg was dead set against it since it meant that we were redistributing the extra food among all of us instead of using it to curb his insatiable appetite.

2015-08-26 12-39-14 1048 2015-08-26 12-44-14 1049

2015-08-26 13-00-26 1057 2015-08-26 13-10-43 1060 2015-08-26 13-48-37 1069  2015-08-26 13-59-57 1076 2015-08-26 14-56-52 1104 2015-08-26 15-02-16 1106

We spent our days enjoying the mountains, dayhiking (though the views were somewhat obscured), swimming in the lakes (well, Fiona anyway), and enjoying what we could see.  We hiked the Nub a few times if it looked like the smoke was thinning in hopes of getting a good view.  Though we never got the spectacular views we hoped for, we did get the fun of the hikes and the kids got lots of time to play.

2015-08-26 15-14-50 1110 2015-08-26 16-04-32 1144 2015-08-26 16-09-14 1150 2015-08-26 16-13-59 1162 2015-08-26 16-30-35 1168

The evening of our second day at Magog was at least moderately clear.  Tania had the very good sense to hurry us through supper and down to the lake shore to take advantage of the break in the smoke.  It was a good thing since this was the clearest view we would get of the majestic Mt. Assiniboine.

2015-08-26 20-24-10 1173 2015-08-26 20-24-36 1176

Part 3 coming soon

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Assiniboine 2015 part 1: Hell is a car campground

We had originally planned to do a bike trip – this is a bikepacking blog after all.  Since the bike trail was on fire at the time, we decided to choose an alternate trip. It ended up being a hike for a variety of forest fire reasons, and since mount Assiniboine did not have reservation system it was one of the few things that we wanted to do that wasn’t booked.  The way that we wanted to do the trail was starting from sunshine Meadows.  The best way to start the hike was to take the shuttle bus up from the Sunshine parking lot and begin hiking at the ski resort.

So that we could take an early shuttle and begin hiking early, we decided to spend the night at one of the car camping campgrounds around Banff. The only one that had space when we were reserving at the last minute was Tunnel mountain.  The on-line reservation system was very clear that there were no parties allowed after 11, not even campfires and conversations.  We took this as a good sign since we intended to sleep during those hours.

We should have been concerned when we got to the campground and of the 6 vacant campsites around us, 5 had smouldering fires left by previous occupants.  We became more concerned when we saw that the occupants of the adjacent site were rowdy hipsters.

We went to bed at around 9:30 so that we could get up early in the morning to drive to Sunshine in time to catch our 10AM shuttle.  When Tania and I got up to go to the washroom at 11PM, the hipsters had just returned from town.  They were loud and drunk, but we assumed they were going to bed.  There was no such luck. The party lasted until well after 3:30, with loud shouting, arguing and laughing without concern for the other campground denizens. Not that it mattered since in the years since we spent time in car campgrounds it has become acceptable to have a car that honks the horn when you lock and unlock it and to lock and unlock it many times per night.  I am sure that no more than 30 seconds went by all night without a car honking and no more than 5 minutes went by without a car alarm going off.  The trains going by were tranquil by comparison. Fiona got a few hours of sleep, Tania and I got a few minutes between us and Tadhg may have been awake the entire night.

The following morning our usual jitters about starting a long hike were calmed by the knowledge that it couldn’t possibly be worse than Tunnel Mountain campground.  We had been through hell and there was nowhere worse to go.

We were early enough that our preparation for the bus ride was casual and calm. We all had our packs sorted and ready to go since we didn’t unpack them at all the night before.  I laid out the car camping tents and bags  in the back of the car so they would dry and double checked everything in my pack.

The bus ride itself was a little dull, as bus rides tend to be, I was glad to be riding rather than hiking the relentless uphill grade to the ski village.

It doesn’t take long from the ski village to go from beautiful to stunning.  The ski lift infrastructure may not be a wilderness experience, but the surrounding mountains are still beautiful, ranging from lush to stark.

2015-08-23 11-22-17 0880

Our weather was close to ideal, cool enough for hiking, warm enough to not have to bundle up.  We hiked along the trail past gorgeous mountains, over passes and through valleys. The hike to Assiniboine is well recognized as one of the most scenic in the world and it lives up to the hype.2015-08-23 12-08-44 0884

The kids made us stop a few times for snacks and so they could sketch mountains and write in their books.  In spite of our fatigue, we were happy and filled with wonder at the scene surrounding us.2015-08-23 15-05-55 0911

Our final descent of the day was a tough one.  The slope was the steepest we would see, and our packs were loaded with all the food for the entire week.  Fiona had saved her trail conniption until the last 500m to the campground at porcupine creek, but even that couldn’t dampen our spirits in such a wonderful spot.

Sleep came easily to us after our long day of hiking and we slumbered peacefully in the mountain air with the faint scent of campfire smoke.

Stay tuned for part 2 – “sure is foggy this morning!”