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Handmade kid-sized pogies, because kids bike in winter and they deserve quality gear.


Something that I never liked to hear when we were out on a cold-day bike ride was, “Dad, my hands are cold!”

Kids’ hands are small, so kids can have trouble operating the controls on a bike even without being immobilized by mittens. Pogies are a great choice since they allow kids to ride barehanded or with light gloves and still have warm hands.

I designed these especially for some rad kids who were riding all winter. I didn’t know how popular they would be.

Now available for anyone who wants them, not just my friends’ kids, here are my kid-sized bike pogies.

These are not just scaled-down adult versions, they have several changes. First, since kids start out small, and get bigger, the stiffener does not go the full length of the cuff so they can be rolled back when the kids are smaller, and used at full length for bigger kids, and on cold days. They have the cuffs cut wide enough to allow a puffy jacket, and the openings big enough to get past even full-size brake levers. Most kids will fit these from around age 4 to 12, and they are designed to last for many seasons. Some parents with smaller hands may even be able to use them.

A drawstring on the handlebar opening allows a draft-free fit, and in cases where bars don’t fit the clamp plug, it can hold the pogies on. Most bikes from 20″ wheels and up will fit the clamping plugs.

Shell colours currently available are Black, Pink, and Red. All colours are water resistant and windproof. The inner layer is heavy fleece, and comes in whatever colour I have on hand, usually black, grey, red, or navy. I try to not clash the outside and inside, and I usually use contrasting colours.

Shipping is flat rate, $22 CAD to the USA including Alaska, $10 for Canada, it will be added at checkout.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm
Shell Colour

Black 600D PU Coated Polyester, Red 600D PU Coated Polyester, Pink 500D Cordura

1 review for GloGlo: kid-sized pogies

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    These pogies kept my 10-year-old riding her bike to school all of last winter. The two essentials for winter riding in Michigan are studded tires and pogies. And it’s hard to find kid-sized pogies. These are warm, fit well, and arrived quickly. They’re not cheap, but they’re made well by someone who knows what they’re doing, and winter riding with kids is priceless. Now I’m back at this site a year later to order another pair of pogies for the next kid!

    I have tried these pogies on the handlebars that come with a Woom 5 and a Priority Start 20″ and they fit well on both.

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