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Custom frame bag for bikepacking, commuting, or any other time you want to use the space inside your bike frame for carrying things.  With many fabric and closurre choices, including Cordura in many colours,   X-Pac VX21, YKK Uretek® Aquaguard Coil Zippers, various toothed zippers, roll-top and roll-side closures,  this custom frame bag can be any  great combination of durability, water resistance, and function. Attachment straps can also be chosen, as either hook and loop fasteners (Velcro), lace-on, or simple belt straps. Some customers have chosen to use the straps from other bags to support various parts of the frame bag. It plays very well with Bikepacker’s Foundry Fender Bags. 2″ daisy-chain webbing on the outer perimeter allows for versatile mounting points, and improves functionality with other bags and accessories.

Of course, with my focus in general being on winter cycling and fatbikepacking, I am more than willing to incorporate winter-specific features into all my bags, these can include cord zipper pulls that won’t stick to fingers at -40º, and can be operated with mittens.

The perimeters are lightly padded to reduce clanking noises from gear on the frame.

I have been using frame bags for bikepacking for over 20 years, so I can provide expert input into the ideal setup for your intended use. Though I have personal preferences, bikepacking is not about everyone being exactly the same, and I am willing to build bags to suit all the styles of bikepacking. A custom frame bag is intended to last a long time and should be professionally made.

This is a fully custom frame bag, each specifically to fit a  frame, either from photos, or from measurement. They can be made to work with full-suspension frames, and other unusual shapes. For those with multiple bikes a custom frame bag can be designed to fit more than one frame, though it may not fit the second frame very well, it can at least be installed and be very functional.

Please feel free to contact me using the form on this page, or through DM on social media. I can start work with a deposit, and give a good idea of when I will ship the final product. I will update this page with the full custom options once I catch up with sewing bags.

I currently have Cordura in fluorescent pink, fluorescent orange, forest camo, grey, silver, black, and orange. I also have X-Pac VX21 in grey. I have coil, and toothed zippers, and strap closures in stock.





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