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Winter Bicycle Pogies are like giant mittens that fit over handlebars to allow the rider to operate shifting and braking using thin gloves or bare hands. They are made by hand, by me, with love, but mostly polyester and fleece, with reflective cuffs. It reaches the elbows of an average 5’6″ adult. There are elastic shock cord drawstrings at the bar cuffs. They have a stiffening welting along the outside seam to add stiffness and make it easier to get arms in after waving to friends or signalling.

Includes my own sandwich style bar plug – a 3 piece bar plug that secures the pogie to any standard handlebar. The plug can be left on in summer without the pogies.
Interior fleece colour varies with availability. I generally purchase end-of-roll pieces to reduce manufacturing waste.

I generally advise this style of winter bicycle pogies for city and day use, though i have used them on 3-5 day trips. They can be used for longer bikepacking rides and expeditions, and they are light weight, which is welcome on long trips. They are intended to be easy to get in to, so they do not have storm cuffs or pockets. I do not recommend these for rainy climates like Vancouver, not that I don’t believe that you have winter, just that these are intended for snow and cold, neoprene pogies are much better for heavy rain.

For road bikes, ‘cross bikes, touring bikes, or other bikes equipped with drop bars, get Dr. Ops, Full Coverage Drop Bar Pogies. They are the most versatile drop bar pogies on the market. I also make a Ray-no-Luke Extreme Bike Pogies for people who need the most hand insulation possible. As well as a smaller size for kids or narrower bars  and for the 5-12 year olds, I make GloGlo: kid-sized pogies.

Shipping is flat rate, $22 CAD to the USA including Alaska, $10 for Canada it will be added at checkout.

If you are looking for some mass-produced factory made pogies then follow the amazon associate link below. These ones are probably better for rainy areas.

Bar Mitts Pogies

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm
Shell Colour

Black 600D PU Coated Polyester, Red 600D PU Coated Polyester, Green 600D PU Coated Polyester


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