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Silk Road Mountain Race, Part 3, What Went Right

This was first and foremost an adventure, and as an adventure, it was a complete success. I challenged myself, physically, and mentally.I pushed my limits, and I stressed my chosen gear. I learned things about myself, about another culture. I saw scenery that left me in awe. I saw people, wildlife and livestock unfamiliar to…

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Silk Road Mountain Race part 1

Spoiler: I scratched at kilometre 1106 and did not complete the Silk Road Mountain Race.  I was under no illusions. I thought it was going to be hard I did think I could complete it though, so when the race started on Saturday, August 12, 2023, I started riding. I immediately settled in at the…

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My Feelings About Media Bans

Recently, there has been some controversy around a famous rider not being recognized for a record-breaking ride on a popular bikepacking route. The film crew that covered the ride included a spouse. They took video of the ride at various places along the route, and documented the ride. I’m not going to wade into the…

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