Doug, the winter bikepacking authority.My name is Doug, I am enthusiastic about winter bikepacking, fatbikepacking, the outdoors, and more so about my kids.  I try to combine them wherever possible. I embrace winter. I have been described by others as a skinny Santa Claus, and “the most prepared person for foul weather”.

I’ve been winter camping since 1980, and winter bikepacking since the mid-1990s. A veteran of the 2002 ITI winter bike race, I have slept outside with a bike as cold as -40º and without a bike as cold as -55ºC (-70ºF). Unless your name rhymes with Mike Curiak, then I’ve probably been winter bikepacking more than you.

In 2013, I started taking my kids fatbikepacking in winter. As such, I claim to have invented family winter fatbikepacking. I have developed the skills and technique that go along with this very niche pastime. Adding kids into the fatbikepacking mix has really improved my level of preparedness and refined my ability to select and minimize gear. Kids require much more attention to ensure their safety, which in turn has led me to optimize the other aspects of winter camping to be able to focus on the kids.

Any outdoor gear that I sell has been thoroughly tested, by me, in real, outdoor cold. My pogies have been used for fatbikepacking in temperatures as cold as -40º, and they have been consistent performers.

I am now taking on custom general or winter bikepacking gear jobs, including custom frame bags, feel free to contact me with your needs.

I am available for guided bikepacking trips in the Alberta Rockies and for winter bikepacking instruction. With training in Wilderness First Aid, and more experience winter bikepacking than anyone in Canada, I can arrange some absolutely one-of-a-kind trips. Let me take you into the backcountry of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, to show you some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world.

Contact me, I’ll get back right away if I am not bikepacking, if I am, I’m generally within data range every 3.days or so.

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