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Failing is Just Not Trying

A lot of people think of any ride that doesn’t go according to plan is a failure, instead, I think failing is just not trying. I’d love to say that my rides go exactly according to plan every time, but that is not the case. My solo rides in particular are frequently shorter than planned.

Such was the case for this year’s WARP 123. (can I call it a race if I’m the only one to start?). I had 3 days off, and a 123km route planned. The route is at best challenging, but my intent was not a casual ride.

A 12-hour day of riding and pushing brought me to my friend Guy at Big Elbow campsite,  He introduced me to his latest bikepacking food creation – a concoction of instant mashed potatoes and other goodness that is ready to eat about 10 seconds after adding boiling water. His food invention was situation-appropriate, though I don’t think I’d necessarily make it at home. I was unfortunately questionable company for Guy, I went pretty straight to bed, with high hopes for the following day, I thought it might involve riding.

Picture from Guy of me pushing.

After a 7 hour sleep, 2 coffees, and instant oatmeal, I hit the trail feeling great, and hopeful for a harder surface. Unfortunately, hard surfaces don’t really happen when the temperature is hovering above freezing in a Chinook wind. Since I wanted to be back at work on Tuesday, I had set myself a noon deadline to make it to Tombstone campsite by noon on Sunday. My location was less than 2km away at 11:30, and I was making about 1km/hour progress. I have no regrets about turning back.

I went, and I had fun. I’m sure some folks are laughing, and I am too, because I count this as success, not failure. Failing is just not trying.


Total distance: 73km

Riding time: 28 hours

Sleeping time 7 hours



2 thoughts on “Failing is Just Not Trying

  1. On January 29, 2022 I pushed south in your tracks Doug. Your tenacity and strength is impressive!

    Mike W. rode with a new pair of your pogies and was very impressed with them.

  2. We had 3 weeks of real snowy winter this year. I felt like an official Coldbiker *TM.

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