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Another Winter Overnighter With Guy

I like to get away for overnight bikepacking trips. I have a few friends who are excellent company, and don’t get too wound up about my slow riding.

My friend Guy is one of those friends. He is a bikepacking nerd, can tell you how many grams are in any item he owns, and like me, he designs and builds things to take bikepacking. He is driven by the practical, and the things he designs are intended to be useful, not trendy. His daughter owns and operates Bikepacker’s Foundry and she makes and sells some of Guy’s most innovative designs.

Their Fender Bag is one of the best uses for the downtube of a bicycle around. Instead of strapping a water bottle to the downtube (to get covered in dirt), the Fender Bag holds things like tent poles in a bag with the weight nice and low, and that same bag acts as a fender, keeping mud and other trail debris out of your teeth.

Guy also has some brilliant techniques for bikepacking, whether in the snow, or in warmer seasons, he spends enough time outside that he has earned his credibility, and he is devoted to learning, whether it be photography, cooking, riding, or sleeping comfortably, he never stagnates.

Oh, and we went on another winter overnight.

It was February, so we both were prepared for serious cold, but what we actually got was near ideal temperatures for the ride out and slightly too warm on the way in. Either way, we had fun, and no one was harmed by our nerdery.




4 thoughts on “Another Winter Overnighter With Guy

  1. Great pictures. Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Doug! I’m really just another crazy guy on a bike. : ) Must be time to get out together and work on our cold weather bikepacking skills.

    1. Indeed, though I somehow find myself working full time and then coming home and working some more. I’m definitely in the mood for a getaway.

  3. That fender bag looks cool…

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