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Rolling fives for big brother

Rolling fives for big brother

You know your family is hardcore when the slow biker recognizes the coldbike family on the trail in BC when he is from Newfoundland and you are from Calgary. I somehow failed to snap a photo of Malcolm, but he is my favourite kind of people.

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  1. Doug – it was great to meet you and your family on the trail. I still can’t get over the coincidence! I hope the rest of your journey was enjoyable.

    1. Likewise, I was hoping that we would see you on the way back, we would have invited the two of you over for dinner. Our trip was great, we ended up doing 48km that day, and we did a couple of other rides on the other days. It ended up being a great rest week after a wonderful summer of adventure.
      I showed Tania your T-Rail tour story and she agreed that it looks like fun.
      If you should ever find yourself in Calgary, be sure to look me up. We are usually up for bike, kayak or hike trips to the mountains or around town. We also make some of the finest pizza and coffee available to humanity.

      1. Come to Calgary for the bikepacking, stay for the pizza and coffee – now there’s an invitation!

        After we left you, Nancy and I rode the KVR to the far end of the Naramata Bench and then dropped down to the roads and tasted at the wineries all the way home. We rolled back into camp in the dark and well – hic! – lubricated. Great fun.

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